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LTC Class (Private), July 22, Sat 12 to 5pm Meyerdirk Class, Denton

Cost: Steve is covering the cost.  A big THANK YOU, Steve! 

You won't need to proceed any further.  Just read info below.  However, please email me yourNAME, EMAIL, & CELL PHONE to

We'll discuss firearm safety, storage, dispute resolution, plus the state and federal laws as they relate to carrying concealed and open.

1. Please arrive at Steve's house for lunch at noon, then we start class at 1pm
2. DO NOT BRING YOUR FIREARM in the house. You won't need it there. 
3. After class (@ 5:00p) we'll go outside and have some fun! 
4. Please watch short Tour Video and read Range Rules here before arriving so you'll understand how important safety is.  Looking forward to having you!

Al Fike